Monday, June 22


Why educate the masses?
So they can live a fuller life, and be more useful and productive to society.

Why not make them slaves?
Since they are humans, they have the right to achieve their full potential.

Why do they make slaves of themselves to their ignorance and passions?

Wednesday, June 17


Tanya Cordova and I are now engaged. I proposed to her last Saturday night. After eating dinner with her family (it was her mom's birthday), I took her out to see "The Importance of Being Ernest" performed at Knock 'Em Dead Dinner Theatre. Afterward we searched frantically for an open ice cream shop to no avail, I drove to the top of Table Rock, that overlooks Boise. We talked for sometime before I read Shakespeare's Sonnets 18 and 130. I then read the following poem that I wrote earlier that week,

My fair lady, my fair love:
Soft as a whisper, light as a dove.
Many come from afar to see your grace,
Among whom, none are worthy to receive your embrace.

Eyes like diamond, and roses for your cheek:
Skin of bronze, and a body of a Greek.
Though, Shakespeare’s woman be not divine,
Thou, art a goddess, whose possession is mine.

A gentle spirit, and a soul that is fair:
Lacking no sympathy, and abounding in care.
I dare not put thee to the test,
For injustice towards the helpless will release a tempest.

What great a treasure, what great a pearl:
How did I come by thee, so great a girl?
Surely, Divine Providence has had its way.
Now quickly, tell me what you say,
For, I ask for your hand this day!

Since we agreed to not proclaim our love of one another while dating, she was quite confused as to what I was doing (we did not speak of any plans of an engagement before this date, so she was completely unsuspecting). I reached behind my seat and present this ring, and asked her if she would marry me. Stunned in disbelief, she said yes, and wept a little.

We are planning on being married on September 12, 2009 at Capital City Christian Church by Tom Velasco.