Tuesday, February 26

The Dynamic of Service

An except from The Dynamic of Service by A. Paget Wilkes

The first need of Japan is for the preaching of a real salvation able to reach the lowest and vilest of men. It seems to be taken for granted that we can never expect anyone to be saved in a heathen land prior to a considerable period of instruction in the principles of Christianity. This appears both reasonable and ordinary common sense, and yet one feels instinctively that there must be a way for a helpless drunkard, a derelict on his way to commit suicide, a criminal condemned to death, and such other, to receive enough instruction in the elements of the Gospel to allow them entering into the experience of salvation immediately and without delay. ~circa 1920

Monday, February 18

French Missionaries

I recently received a newsletter from missionary friends of mine who are in France. This is an excerpt that i thought was very honest and encouraging.

It would be fantastic...and false, to be telling you every time I let you know what's going on, of how exciting life is here in France. Life, as a Christian, wherever you live, is hard. There are certainly the times of joy and excitement, the times when our eyes are wide with wonder at what the Lord is doing, but there are also the daily valleys, in which we find that what we are really made of. Will we continue to follow after Him with zeal when he has said to 'follow me' into the recesses of darkness, through the forests of loneliness and drudgery? Will I walk a holy life of peace and joy for Him, when relationships become unbearable and in constant conflict, when living circumstances become daily uncertain, when I miss my home, family, and friends so terribly... when He is all that I have will I still sing His praises?

What is exciting is that Christ is a sure steadfast anchor of hope, that He (unlike all persons and places around us) does not change, that He is faithful.

Much has happened over the last months, and I think I have found that nothing at all happens without prayer, nothing at all. Sadly, we spend so much more time investing in every other thing other than our time with the Lord and prayer. Do we really meet the people where they are at or are we simply telling them where they should be? Do we really take the gospel to them, or in the provision of certain programs require that they come to us?