Sunday, August 5

A Hardcore Song Masquerading as a Lyrical Ballad

While in Europe Daniel and I decided to spend six days in Germany. We departed on a Sunday afternoon with hopes to span the southern region of the country and return to Brussels in time to meet his dearest. We planned to stop in Trier, Heidelberg, Rothenberg, Munchen, Dachau, and Wurzburg. We were only able to stay in each town for about a day; which was not enough time to see all that we desired. However, while we were in Heidelberg we saw that which the city boasted most about and then left promptly, leaving no reason to return.

The Rape of Hiedelburg

You, O city, long for the affection of travelers from afar,
Tantalizing them with your beauty.
You spread rumors and tales,
Hoping to make a fortune from their treasures.

These tales I have heard from across the sea.
Tales of Castles, Bridges, Forests, and Churches.
Tales of your purity and simplicity.

Your Beauty has enticed me long enough.
And now...
I've come.

Your finally mine.
There is no waiting, no hesitation;

I know exactly what I want.

I reach my hand into your heart.
I feel its warmth.
Its beating.
And in a few short hours I'm done.

I've Come.

I've Seen.

I've Conquered.

Your Beauty...
is nothing to me any more.

I've taken what I want, my pleasures are fulfilled.
I wish that i could say that I'll be back again...

But I wont.