Friday, August 8

Till We Have Faces

I recently finished "Till We Have Faces" by C.S. Lewis. I was told by several individuals before I began reading the book that it was their favorite novel. I now understand. After I finished I noticed two things that remained in my mind.
The first is how disgusting and dreadful sacrifices are. "Hateful to Ungit, is it? Why does Ungit not mend it then? She's had bulls and rams and goats from me in plenty; blood enough to sail a ship on if all were reckoned" (45).
The second was Orual's complaint against the gods. As she began to read the complaint she understood that she knew the real answer all along. As she unrolled her book, "It was written all over inside, but the hand was not like mine. It was all a vile scribble - each stroke mean and yet savage, like a snarl in my father's voice, like the ruinous faces one could make out in the Ungit stone" (290). She had in fact written the book but she immediately recognized why and what the problem/solution was.

Friday, August 1

The Veritas Forum

Last April I helped host the first Veritas Forum at Boise State University. Dr. Scott Yenor delivered two lectures on how the modern view of science and the Christian world view understand pain in our lives. Does science as understood by the Enlightenment thinkers adequately account for why we find pain so problematic? Does the Christian world view allow for medical science to alleviate pain in our live? Is there an answer that both gives a solution for suffering and explains why it is a problem? The lectures may be found here.