Saturday, December 8

The Words Squeezed from a Shattered Heart

(The first attempt of a hardcore lyric, produced on a winter night, some time ago)

How many times have you done this to me now?
You break my heart and expect me to come crying to you.
You stand there:
Frozen to the bone.
Black hearted.

I confessed my sin to you, the horrible crime I committed.
I laid my heart out for you to see.

You say, "how could you do this to me?
How could you hurt me like this?"

I made an attempt to reach for you, but you slit my hand into pieces;
You stabbed me in the heart.
And you don't even realize how deep you are staring into yourself.

All the while I am:

Now I am being poured into by Another.
Healing what you tore apart.
Soon I will be fixed.
I can feel the blade you inserted, slowly removed.

Don't let your bitterness consume you.
It will hurt at first;
Give in.

All all the while I will be here;
Forgiveness in my hands.

Thursday, October 25

De Anima

A thought occurred to me today in my Greek philosophy class about the change in the meaning of the word animal. Anima is Greek [Latin, actually] for soul. Thus anything that has a soul is an animal; living, breathing. When the ancients called beasts animals, they were in a sense raising them up; making them just below man, superior over plants and the non-living. However, when the modern man calls humans animals he intends to lower man to the same level of beasts; usually one with no morality and only superior by sheer cunning and brute force.

Saturday, October 20

The State of Man

In the 20th century:

"A sentence will suffice for modern man: he fornicated and read the papers...." ~Albert Camus The Fall 1956.

In the 21st century:

"A sentence will suffice for modern man: he just fornicated..." ~Justin Ranger
in ingenio meo 2007.

Tuesday, September 4

A Fifteen Minuet Poem Conceived at Midnight.

She Likes Him,
While He likes Her.
She thinks of No-One, save for Herself.

She grows with Envy.
He grows with Rage.
She with Narcissism, into the Grave.

Now that He comes,
What will He think?
All three consumed with Passion,
But with Hearts that are Weak.

If they had Loved
Him on the Throne,
They would not have bothered,
But their desires disown.

Sunday, August 5

A Hardcore Song Masquerading as a Lyrical Ballad

While in Europe Daniel and I decided to spend six days in Germany. We departed on a Sunday afternoon with hopes to span the southern region of the country and return to Brussels in time to meet his dearest. We planned to stop in Trier, Heidelberg, Rothenberg, Munchen, Dachau, and Wurzburg. We were only able to stay in each town for about a day; which was not enough time to see all that we desired. However, while we were in Heidelberg we saw that which the city boasted most about and then left promptly, leaving no reason to return.

The Rape of Hiedelburg

You, O city, long for the affection of travelers from afar,
Tantalizing them with your beauty.
You spread rumors and tales,
Hoping to make a fortune from their treasures.

These tales I have heard from across the sea.
Tales of Castles, Bridges, Forests, and Churches.
Tales of your purity and simplicity.

Your Beauty has enticed me long enough.
And now...
I've come.

Your finally mine.
There is no waiting, no hesitation;

I know exactly what I want.

I reach my hand into your heart.
I feel its warmth.
Its beating.
And in a few short hours I'm done.

I've Come.

I've Seen.

I've Conquered.

Your Beauty...
is nothing to me any more.

I've taken what I want, my pleasures are fulfilled.
I wish that i could say that I'll be back again...

But I wont.

Wednesday, July 25


Whilst I was journeying through distant lands there came a time in which I was able to rest my weary legs. My eyes absorbed the colours of the setting sun, my ears the sound of birds, and my mouth the sweetness of black cavendish. I opened a book of old and found upon the page this rhyme.

The world's great age begins anew,
The golden years return,
The earth doth like a snake renew
Her winter weeds outworn:
Heaven smiles, and faiths and empires gleam
Like wrecks of a dissolving dream.

A brighter Hellas rears its mountains
From waves serener far;
A new Peneaus rolls his fountains
Against the morning star;
Where fairer Tempes bloom, there sleep
Young Cyclads on a sunnier deep.

A loftier Argo cleaves the main,
Fraught with a later prize;
Another Orpheus sings again,
And loves, and weeps, and dies;
A new Ulysses leaves once more
Calypso for his native shore.

O write no more the tale of Troy,
If earth Death's scroll must be-
Nor mix with Laian rage the joy
Which dawns upon the free,
Although a subtler Sphinx renew
Riddles of death Thebes never knew.

Another Athens shall arise,
And to remoter time
Bequeath, like sunset to the skies,
The splendour of its prime;
And leave, if naught so bright may live,
All earth can take or Heaven can give.

Saturn and Love their long repose,
Shall burst, more bright and good
Than all who fell, than One who rose,
Than many unsubdued:
Not gold, not blood, their altar dowers,
But votive tears and symbol flowers.

O cease! must hate and death return?
Cease! must men kill and die?
Cease! drain not to its dregs the urn
Of bitter prophecy!
The world is wary of the past-
O might it die or rest at last!
~Percy Bysshe Shelley

Friday, May 25


And so he was lifted upon a tree and an inscription was attached indication who was being killed. Who was it? It is a grievous thing to tell, but a most fearful thing to refrain from telling. But listen, as you tremble before him on whose account the earth trembled!

He who hung the earth in place is hanged.
He who fixed the heavens in place is fixed in place.
He who made all things fast is made fast on a tree.
The Sovereign is insulted.
God is murdered.
The King of Israel is destroyed by an Israelite hand.

This is the One who made the heavens and the earth, and formed mankind in the beginning,
The One proclaimed by the Law and the Prophets,
The One enfleshed in a virgin,
The One hanged on a tree,
The One buried in the earth,
The One raised from the dead and who went up into the heights of heaven,
The One sitting at the right hand of the Father,
The One having all authority to judge and save,
Through Whom the Father made the things which exist from the beginning of time,
This One is "the Alpha and the Omega,"
This One is "the beginning and the end" ... the beginning indescribable and the end incomprehensible.
This One is the Christ.
This One is the King.
This One is Jesus.
This One is the Leader.
This One is the Lord.
This One is the One who rose from the dead.
This One is the One sitting on the right hand of the Father.
He bears the Father and is borne by the Father.
"To him be the glory and power forever. Amen"

~Melito of Sardis

Wednesday, February 14

The Shepherd Boy sings in the Valley of Humiliation

He that is down needs fear no fall,
He that is low, no pride;
He that is humble ever shall
Have God to be his guide.

I am content with what I have,
Little be it or much:
And, Lord, contentment still I crave,
Because Thou savest such.

Fullness to such a burden is
That go on pilgrimage:
Here little, and hearafter bliss,
Is best from age to age.
~John Bunyan

Sunday, January 28

O for a Thousand Tongues

O for a thousand tongues to sing my geat Redeemer's praise,
The glories of my God and King, the triumpohs of His grace.
My gracious Master and my God, assist me to proclaim,
To spread thru all the earth abroad the honors of Thy name.
Jesus! the name that chams our fears, that bids our sorrows cease,
'Tis music in the sinner's ears, 'Tis life and health and peace.
He breaks the pow'r of canceled sin, He sets the pris'ner free,
His blood can make the foulest clean - His blood availed for me.
Hear Him, ye deaf; His prase, ye dumb, your loosened tongues employ;
Ye blind, behold your Savior come; and leap, ye lame, for joy.
Glory to God and praise and love be ever, ever giv'n
By saints below and saints above - the Church in earth and heav'n.

~Charles Wesley

Destruction of the Spanish Armada 1588