Saturday, December 8

The Words Squeezed from a Shattered Heart

(The first attempt of a hardcore lyric, produced on a winter night, some time ago)

How many times have you done this to me now?
You break my heart and expect me to come crying to you.
You stand there:
Frozen to the bone.
Black hearted.

I confessed my sin to you, the horrible crime I committed.
I laid my heart out for you to see.

You say, "how could you do this to me?
How could you hurt me like this?"

I made an attempt to reach for you, but you slit my hand into pieces;
You stabbed me in the heart.
And you don't even realize how deep you are staring into yourself.

All the while I am:

Now I am being poured into by Another.
Healing what you tore apart.
Soon I will be fixed.
I can feel the blade you inserted, slowly removed.

Don't let your bitterness consume you.
It will hurt at first;
Give in.

All all the while I will be here;
Forgiveness in my hands.